8 Common Mistakes in Chemical Feed Systems

Installing a Chemical Feed System is more complicated than most think! There are many overlooked logistics that can turn your Chem Feed System into a huge pain. These are 8 of the top mistakes we see in the industry:

  1. Forklift Access
    • Wall height is too tall
    • Not accessible with a forklift
  2. Small Containment Volume
    • Not enough drainage
    • Displacement reduces the volume to <110%
  3. Occupies a Large Area
    • A large footprint takes up a lot of real estate
    • The tote is less accessible
  4. Incompatibility
    • 2 or more chemicals sharing the same containment bin
  5. Poor Coatings
    • Incompatible coatings get destroyed on the first leak
  6. Suction Routing
    • Tubing up/down
    • This set up leads to loss of prime of pumps
  7. Route to No Containment
    • Risk of leak escaping containment
    • A leak may run down the tubing and drain outside of containment
    • A leak may also develop on the chem feed skid and tote contents drain
  8. Wrong BVP Location
    • BVPs on skids vs. injection location
    • BVPs would be installed at the injection point instead of located on the skid
    • This provides better chemistry control

Our SafeFeed systems address common issues and pain points that occur with industry-standard CDUs. When installing a Chemical Feed System most of the logistics are overlooked because it seems like a simple process. Learn more about our SafeFeed System; which is our solution to these problems!