Water system upgrade? Here are some essential considerations.

A facility’s water systems will usually require the water to be treated before the water can be utilized in the systems. Often times pre-treatment can drastically increase efficiency in energy, water use, and maintenance, in turn providing significant savings to a facility.

Making an upgrade to a system like this, however, has several considerations before any of these costs savings can be realized. As discussed below, some of these considerations can become cost-prohibitive, leaving facility managers stuck between a rock and a hard place.

Some essential considerations when upgrading a water system include:

  1. Facility footprint. Where will this water system upgrade be installed? Often times facilities are not designed with the intention of expanding existing water systems, although over time the quality of input water can change over time that may still require some sort of solution.

    Because of the nature of upgrading an existing system, that will often require structural changes in order to allow the required footprint within the facility.
  2. Permitting. Because upgrading a system is changing the building and often requires additional structural changes as mentioned above, a typical upgrade will have a variety of permitting requirements from state and local authorities. Apollo can work with you and your team to ensure compliance on discharge permits, but there are local ordinance and safety considerations as well.
  3. Time, cost, and other resources. As with any capital project, there will also be the overall cost of the equipment itself. But the costs to a facility do not end there. Often times a required system upgrade means there are already inefficiencies in the system, and the longer a project takes to complete, the longer those inefficiencies will continue, the longer those increased costs will continue. The lead time required to contract, design, build, deliver, inspect, and install a system can take months to years.

Apollo Technology Group stands ready to discuss these considerations and more with you and your team when upgrading your water systems.

If these issues create a cost and time-prohibitive scenario for your facility, we may also have a solution for you that cuts down or eliminates the issues surrounding the facility footprint, permitting, and resources required for a capital project.

Apollo Technology Group’s containerized system DropIn WaterTM allows a facility to plug into a trailer containing a customized water system with everything you need ready to go for your water system upgrade.

Ready to learn more about DropIn WaterTM? Read more here.