Utilize your Subcontractor’s Expertise, Part 1

As you set out on a new build project, one of the first things you’re doing is partnering with your contractors and subcontractors. Often times, contractors can do the work faster, safer, and more cost effective. Why? Simply put, specialization and deep expertise in a given area can increase overall efficiency.

But how often are you utilizing the expertise of your subcontractors beyond just the scope of work? How closely do you partner with them on how their scope of work may impact the rest of the facility? Apollo Technology Group performs project executable services in order to go that extra step as a stakeholder in its new construction projects.

Image of several example Apollo Technology Group project documents to indicate the level of depth in working with ATG as a subcontractor

What is your subcontractor’s expertise worth?

Often times partnering with your HVAC water system contractor to work through these issues with your team can lead to overall increased facility efficiency, reduction in workplace injuries, and increased resource efficiency.

Sometimes it just takes someone to ask the question “How are you going to access that motor for maintenance during operations?” or “How are you going to get chemical into the facility and ensure it can be done easily?” These are the qualitative issues and analysis that only your subcontractors can bring to the table, often going beyond a standard HazOp Review.

By examining the ergonomics of the facility, your subcontractor can provide valuable input ultimately resulting in smoother maintenance and smoother operations.

Your water system subcontractor can also help your team think through the placement of large tanks within a facility. Often times, civic engineering should be reevaluated to ensure the tank has the proper pad and footprint, allowing accessibility to all points of the tank during operation.

Other times, your water system subcontractor can provide valuable input on the proper drainage of a facility, leading to enhanced safety of a facility.

A reputable subcontractor will have years of previous experience and insight to draw on for your next project. Why not use that knowledge to your team’s advantage?

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