Our SafeFeed systems address common issues and pain points that occur with industry-standard CDUs. When installing a Chemical Feed System most of the logistics are overlooked because it seems like a simple process.

Here are the top 8 challenges companies encounter with industry-standard Chemical Feed Systems.

With the SafeFeed System, we’ve worked to combat all these issues, while also improving key points in keeping the customer happy and their employees safe.

SafeFeed Delivery

  • All Non-Corrosive Components
  • UV Resistant & Easy Maintenance Access
  • Integral Calibration Column, Strainer, PRV and Pressure Gauge
  • 1-4 Pumps, 1 or 2 Injection Outlet Points
  • Integral junction Box
  • Containment pan with Guided Drain
  • Easy Access Splash shield keeps rain out and spills in
  • Readily accepts Secondary Containment on suction/Drain/Outlet Ports

SafeFeed Containment

  • Any leaks are 100% contained
    • Tote
    • Feed skid
    • Connecting pipes
  • UV Resistance HDPE
    • Won’t corrode with leaks
    • Sun Tolerant
  • Stainless Steel Frame
    • Sturdy structure
    • Anti-corrosive
  • Weatherproof
    • Rain edge to prevent rain from filling containment basin
  • Clear cover allows visibility into containment contents

Contact us to see if a SafeFeed System is the right fit for you!